Project Title: Visual Symbiotics
Course: Video Art
Description: Introduction to video capture and use of split screen to explore video editing within the same frame.



Project Title: Cultural Montage
Course: Video Art
Description: Research of cultural identity and use of video editing to explore montage.



Project Title: Nursery Rhymes
Course: Video Art
Description: Students research film history styles and techniques and create a short film in one of the following styles: German Expressionism, Italian Neorealism, French New Wave, Classic Hollywood, and Film Noir.



Project Title: Cinemagraph
Course: Video Art
Description: Exploring the connections between Photography and Video through moving photographs (cinema graphs/GIFS) and working with masking.



Project Title: Self Portrait
Course: Digital Video Tools
Description: Students learn basic workflow and editing skills in Premiere to create a self narrative.



Project Title: Instructional Video
Course: Digital Video Tools
Description: Students work with masks and basic motion graphics in conjunction with video to instruct an audience through a process.



Project Title: Storytime
Course: Sound Art
Description: Students learn proper audio recording techniques, use of equipment in a sound booth, and how to record and edit vocal recording in Audition.


Project Title: Sonic Portrait
Course: Sound Art
Description: Students learn how to use field recorders and work with multi-track mixing to create soundscapes.


Project Title: Foley Art
Course: Sound Art
Description: Working in groups, students record sound effects to a provided animation. Recorded footage is then editing in multi-track sessions and brought into Premiere to create a new video.



Project Title: Animate to Sound
Course: Sound Art
Description: Students create animations in Premiere/Photoshop that align with audio tracks provided to them.


Project Title: Animated Poster
Course: Motion Graphics Tools
Description: Students work with basic motion graphics, images, and video in After Effects to create an animated poster that advertises an event, place, or product.



Project Title: Re-Imaging Folklore
Course: Digital Techniques in Visual Art
Description: Students learn to storyboard, composite scenes in Photoshop, and edit audio and video in Premiere to retell a folktale using creative commons or self produced imagery and audio.



Project Title: Physical vs. Virtual Me
Course: Digital Techniques in Visual Art
Description: Students explore data visualization and motion graphics. Data is collected first hand and turned into a video utilizing animation and infographics in After Effects.



Project Title: Raster Self-Portrait
Course: Digital Techniques in Visual Art
Description: Students learn to select, modify, and clean up individual images, then work with adjustment layers and effects to create collaged imagery in Photoshop.



Project Title: Vector Expressive Type
Course: Digital Techniques in Visual Art
Description: Students design an expressive logo that utilizes both text and image to illustrate an adjective. Basic Illustrator tools are introduced and combined to create complex imagery.



Project Title: Mobile Website
Course: Digital Management Methods
Description: Students research mobile design and user interactivity, select a website which has no pre-existing or a poor mobile web presence, and design a mockup for a mobile website.

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Project Title: Digital Kiosk
Course: Digital Management Methods
Description: Students are introduced to user interactivity on alternative platforms (kiosks, tablets, displays, etc.) Each student is assigned to visit a museum and to design an interactive display, kiosk, or tablet interface which would enhance accessibility to visitors at that location.


Project Title: Planar Study
Course: Drawing I
Description: Students worked with graphite and cross hatching to explore the planar qualities of paper by using directional lines and line weight to develop depth of space.



Project Title: Reductive Value Drawing
Course: Drawing 1
Description: Introduction to value using reductive value. Students toned paper first with charcoal, then worked reductively to develop a full range of tones.



Project Title: Ink and Charcoal Skull Study
Course: Drawing 1
Description: Introduction to mixed media. Students used ink, shape, and gesture to develop an underdrawing. Then using charcoal and conte crayons they refined for accuracy in form and value range.