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I am a multidisciplinary artist and educator. I began my studies in traditional media, exploring drawing, painting, and fibers. From there I went on to explore digital media through my MFA in Time Arts. My thesis research explored the relationships between controversial technologies, media, and user interactivity. I thrive on research and am constantly looking to learn new media and technologies such as programming, robotics, data visualization, and user experience. Currently my artwork is exploring new media and technology utilizing user interaction through web applications.

I enjoy teaching and the ability to share my skills and expertise with those who are first starting out or returning for more knowledge. Teaching keeps me on my toes and I appreciate the fresh perspectives I gain by working with budding learners. I love the student enthusiasm and sense of discovery that come with working in the classroom; it rejuvenates my passion for the topics I teach, and encourages me to continue my own research to continually give back to the community.

Talk20MHK 2017, Manhattan Public Library, Manhattan, KS June 22nd 2017, lecture

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