Title: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!
Media: Interactive Video
Description: Interactive art which uses a Kinect camera sensor and user body gestures to control video playback.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.29.32 PM



Title: Perfect Citizen
Media: Interactive audio, found object, electronics
Description: Interactive sculpture which asks users survey questions and records their answers for further analysis



Title: Wallflower
Media: Video, documentary
Description: Interactive video documentation. This piece uses a security camera to track, interact with, and document gallery visitors as they traverse the space.






Title: Creation of Death
Media: Wood, plexiglas, 3D printed materials, electronics
Description: Interactive body adornment. This piece is worn over the hand to create a “hand gun”. Using an infrared sensor the user is able to shoot at a target which illuminates documentation detailing the process of creation and censorship of the 3D printed design.

2015-10-29 09.21.58



Title: Shoot ’em Up!
Media: Interactive video, 3D printed materials, electronics, audio
Description: Interactive shooting “game”. Users speak into miniature pistol controllers to shoot at targets. Using the control box they can swap out targets and sound effects.





Title: In Your Hands
Media: Acrylic, electronics, audio
Description: Interactive audio sculpture. Users hold pistol barrel up to their ear and pull the trigger to play back audio from interviews with people who have experienced gun violence.



Title: The One is the Shadow of the Other
Media: Interactive photography
Description: Interactive photography that uses a Kinect camera sensor to green screen the user’s body outline to overlap imagery of a police barricade over top of a busy street in Washington.




Title: (u)AV
Media: Photography, video, installation, performance
Description: Series of performances where a kite is flown in highly populated areas and used to document and surveillance targeted areas. The documented footage is then presented as images taken from a drone (quadcopter) to determine user interaction, opinion, and variances between technology.





Title: Fashion Arsenal
Media: Fabric, found object, and electronic textiles
Description: Interactive sculpture. User shoots by touching the conductive fabric on the trigger causing a semi-automatic burst of LED flickers at the end of the barrel.



Title: Finger Gun
Media: 3D print (materials vary)
Description: 3D printed jewelry printed and disseminated online.



Title: Two Man Rule
Media: Wood, plexiglas, electronics
Description: Interactive drawing. Two triggers are spread beyond arm’s reach (not as shown in image). When both triggers are pressed an engraved drawing on plexiglas is illuminated.



Title: Story of the Century
Media: Video projection
Description: Rear video projection loop onto soft sculpture showing childlike puppet theater of fiber bodied drones bombing various locations around the world.