Shoot 'em Up! is an interactive video piece. The interactive components for the piece consist of headphones, buttons, and controllers that users can interact with. To operate the video, users must place the headphones over their ears and interact with the controls. On the button console there are two buttons, one switches out targets that can be fired at, the other switches out firearms. The former changes the person and location in which you can fire at, the latter changes out the audio effect that you can hear when the shots are fired. In order to shoot, the user must pick up one of the two pistol shaped controllers, aim the barrel at their mouths, and speak words associated with firearms, such as "bang" into it. This triggers a microphone sensor that registers the volume as a shot, which then triggers a video effect which visualizes that action.

When the shooters speak out their aggressions towards these targets, they are forced to simultaneously direct these negative gestures at themselves. By speaking their aggressions instead of pressing a button mindlessly, they are made to feel cognizant of their actions and take ownership of them. This piece is designed not only for those who actively engage with the controls, but also spectators who can watch from other areas of the gallery as they witness these interactions.