Creation of Death is an infrared finger gun, inspired by Yoshitomo Imura’s case that I designed to be 3-D printed. It consists of a revolver chamber, and an oversized trigger that allows the piece to rest along a wearer’s outstretched pointer finger. The wearer assumes a firing gesture with their hand, and puts the print onto their finger, which in turn transforms them into the firing mechanism and the “weapon”. With their thumb they press down on a button, which allows a LED within the barrel to light up. By firing at a target with an infrared receiver, the LED signal is able to illuminate a sheet of Plexiglas that has a letter printed on it. This letter is a printed copy of one of several documents I received by various companies that were unwilling to print my research pieces based on their vague resemblance to “firearms”. This project allowed for me to experiment and gauge how society views, responds to, and regulates the creation and distribution of items based on their own understandings of technology as violent or destructive. By highlighting this research, it is my aim to show the general public how these regulations are implemented and decided based on pure conjecture while simultaneously ignoring the functionality of the piece or intention of the designer.